Posted on Jun 30, 2021

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Tree Service Near Me: Worst DIY Tree Pruning Mistakes

When it comes to tree pruning, taking off too much is one of the worst things you can do--it has harmful effects on trees like stress, making them vulnerable to disease and structurally unsafe.

Zero Time Spent Training

Tree pruning is also a dangerous job. Pruning of trees that have not yet been trained often leads to serious and permanent damage that you probably don't want.

Removing branches from a large tree is very different than trimming a shrub. It takes safety training and the right equipment to get up into the tree or safely lower someone else down onto thin branches.

Topping the Tree

A common misconception held by inexperienced tree pruners is to reduce the height of a tree via topping. Unfortunately, this technique also stimulates sucker growth on the trunk of the tree, which can lead to more issues and problems than before.

The height of a tree can be reduced by pruning the larger branches, starting from a higher up branch and working your way down.

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