Posted on Jul 1, 2021

Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg

Tree Removal Service: Stump removal

Now that the tree is gone, you may be left with a stump. You don't want to leave the stump there at home because it could re-infect your other trees and become larval breeding ground for insects.

Stump grinding is the process of reducing a stump to small pieces using an excavating machine. The operator runs back and forth over the stump with a heavy, circular saw attached to arm that can be repositioned from side-to-side to cut into the shape of almost any tree’s bark.

If you have to grind down your tree stump and are looking for ways to use the leftover mulch or help from removing it, talk with your tree care professional about what services they offer.

Your tree service company may be able to clean up the site, delivering and spreading topsoil and allowing you to fill it in. If you would like to use the space for landscaping in the future, ask your tree care professional about what steps are necessary for making it suitable for planting.

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