Posted on Jun 30, 2021

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Tree Cutting Service Fredericksburg VA: Avoid These Common Tree Care Mistakes

A landscaped tree affects the appearance of your property. Without proper care, they can become unhealthy or even die within a few years. Provided them with a strong foundation to ensure they stay healthy.

Different types of trees have different needs, so pruning a tree at the wrong time or in the wrong shape is an easy mistake to make.

It is best to prune your flowering trees during the appropriate season. For example, if your tree flowers early in the year, pruning at any time between when its growth season ends and following spring will reduce blooms; but if it flowers late in summer, you should prune it now.

It may sound like overkill, but garden tools need to be sanitized. If a disease infects one of your plants, you could spread that infection to the next plant you cut if you don’t clean the tool before moving on to another project.

An experienced tree care expert will not only remove the limb with no effort or danger to you, but can also inspect the tree for any signs of disease or pest infestation.

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