Posted on Jul 1, 2021

Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg

Tree Removal: When You Should Consider Cutting Down your Trees

Trees are important to many landscapes, from residential to business. Trees provide shade and decorating flair but can also increase your safety risks when dead or diseased due to the tree falling on a property or person.

Signs Of A Dying Tree

There is no single clear indicator that a tree has died, but there are many signs which can signal the beginning of a dying process. If your tree shows any of these indications you should have a professional examine it. One good sign to watch for is mushrooms or fungus growing at the foot of the tree; they often occur when trees rot from within. Some identifying signs of a dying tree are moss or lichens growing near the base, and visible roots that indicate a weak system.

The Damage It Could Cause Is Major

A tree with a strong structure and no danger of falling is useful even if it looks dead. If the tree poses a risk to people or property, however, you should have it removed. Never underestimate how much damage can be done by just one fallen branch.

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