Posted on Mar 30, 2021

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Tree Removal Service: 3 Scenarios That Require Emergency Tree Removal Services

Sick or Diseased Trees

A tree on your property might become diseased because of pollution, insect or wildlife infestation, or being too close to other sick plants. When a tree is diseased, it might begin to weaken and decompose, making it more prone to branch breakage or uprooting. Diseased trees have visible symptoms, which include:

- Deep cracks in the bark
- Hollowing
- Dead or withering branches
- Leaf discoloration or decay
- Leaning or drooping
- Branch and leaf decay
- Drooping branches and leaves

Trees in Danger of Tipping or Falling

A weak or leaning tree on your property might not have done any damage right away, but all it takes is a strong gust of wind or rainstorm for it to tip over. If a tree is leaning a bit too close to your home, emergency tree removal services can save your house from any damages it would cause once it did fall over.

Leaning or falling trees can not only be a threat to the safety of your property but also to your neighbors and family too. If you are concerned about your trees’ health and believe they might fall soon, call the professional arborists from Steadfast Tree Care Fredericksburg.

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