Posted on Mar 29, 2021

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Tree Cutting Service Fredericksburg VA: The Do’s and Don’ts of Summer Tree Care

Summer is the one season a lot of people look forward to. But just because people enjoy the summer doesn’t mean that trees enjoy it too, especially when you consider what usually comes with the season: droughts, the scorching sun, summer storms, and wildfires.

The following are the do’s and don’ts of summer tree care that will help you take care of your landscape and trees.

Summer is not the best time for pruning and trimming your trees. During the summer, trees are usually very active. This is the time when trees are in full bloom and in their most glorious appearance, with lush green leaves and thick canopies. And when you prune or trim your tree during this time, it can lead to over-pruning, which can result in extreme stress for the tree.

The ideal time to prune or trim most types of trees is during their dormant period, which occurs in late fall or early winter. Trees are normally in full dormant mode well into the winter months.

Do perform a thorough tree inspection for storm damage and insect infestation. Summer is the best time to perform inspections on your trees, especially for pest infestations. Check for potential storm damage and implement a good storm damage prevention plan if you’re expecting thunderstorms and strong winds.

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